Photograph Portfolios

Kriselle Baker Roberta Thornley: A Photographic Portfolio

Peter Ireland Tim J Veling: Pre-Marital Bliss

Janet Bayly Pukekaraka, Otaki: Photographs

Peter Ireland Miss Appropriate: Recent Photographs by Vicky Thomas

Cathy Tuato'o Ross The Optimist's House: Photographs

William Dart Creatively Captured: New Zealand Composer Portraits by Gareth Watkins

David Eggleton An Architecture of Apprehension: A Photographic Portfolio by Max Bellamy

Daniel M. Satele Silent Figures: A Photographic Portfolio by Tanu Gago

Hamish Clayton Wellington Observed: A Photographic Portfolio by Camus Wyatt

David Herkt Beautiful Tensions: Photographs by Meighan Ellis

Daniel Michael Satele Food for the Ages: Jonathan Cameron’s High Tea

Hanna Scott Morning Glory: Greta Anderson's Greenery

Daniel Michael Satele Bearing Tension: Photographs by Russ Flatt

Kriselle Baker Co-Orbital: New Photographs by Becky Nunes

Caroline Vercoe The Sentiment of Nifo Koula: ‘So People Will Know Where We Are From’ (Photographs by Ane Tonga)

Victoria Wynne-Jones Uncomfortable/Comfortable: The bridge gathers by Helen Clegg

Chris Bourke I Shot Rock ‘n’ Roll: Photographs by Murray Cammick

Ioana Gordon-Smith Close Encounter: A Meeting with the Queen (Photographs by Jeremy Leatinu'u)

Talia Smith This Road is a Poem: Anton Maurer's Landscapes

Ema Tavola Common Moments: Instagram Portraits by Vinesh Kumaran

Leonard Bell In the Old City: Ilan Wittenberg’s Faces of Jerusalem

Jaimee Stockman-Young New Youth: Joshua Montreal’s Bright Young Things

Riemke Ensing Quiet Treasures: Kathrin Simon’s FADE

Mareea Vegas Vehicular Voyeurism: Jocelen Janon’s Rear Window

David Herkt Anticipated Events: Time, Being, & Harry Culy

Christina Barton Projecting Tomorrow: Tash Hopkins at Western Springs

Cassandra Fusco Things the Mind Already Knows: The Work of Maurice Lye

Cathy Tuato’o Ross Portrait of Place: Clare Slako’s Ruakaka

John B. Turner Reciprocity: The Early Portrait Photographs of Kevin Capon

Don Abbott Stranger, Still: Photographs by Jeremy Blincoe

Andrew Clark Tracks, Belts & Blades: The Waterview Tunnel Project (Photographs by Gareth Moon & Tammy Williams)

Jenny Harper Where the Home Is: Jane Zusters’ Earthquake Photographs

Nina Seja An Individual State: Photographs by Maria Sainsbury

Cassandra Fusco Concerns, Large & Small: Photographs by Heather Milne

Malcolm Burgess The Weight of Stuff: Hamish McLaren’s Workshop Photographs

Nina Seja Hope & A Living Wage: Ehsan Hazaveh’s My Life To Live

Milly Mitchell-Anyon The Power of Gravity: Photographs by Tia Ranginui

Don Abbott Reading Matters: Library Photographs by Mickey Smith

Dorothee Pauli Time, Light & Space: Astral Photography by Stefan Roberts

Mary Macpherson Not As We Know It: Jane Wilcox’s Twilight Trees

Alyson Hunter Brian Rainger’s 1960s Piha Parties: As Caught by Arne Loot

Wendy Clarke Not So Ordinary: Deborah Marshall’s The Abstract Gaze

Eve de Castro-Robinson The Mask, Photographed: Storm Robbins: Genres of Beauty

Amy Stewart Through a Glass, Darkly: Between the Two Worlds of Lara Gilks

Stuart Greenhill The Watcher and the Reflection: Photographs by Rhonda Bunyan

David Cook Last Days at the Cement Works: Photographs by Hannah Watkinson

Don Abbott Painting with Light: Portraits by Luke Denny