Issue 109 Summer 2003-04


Jon Bywater, Auckland; Rebecca Rice, Wellington; Gina Irish, Christchurch; Pennie Hunt, Dunedin

William McAloon Model Worlds: A Decade of Work by Gavin Hipkins

Louis Le Vaillant Considering Frank Carpay

Edward Hanfling John Radford's Night Kitchen: The Art of Transplasticism

Anthony Byrt Horses to Water: A Brief History of the Waikato Art Award(s)

Stella Brennan Hitting the Big Time: Nine Lives at Auckland Art Gallery

Aaron Lister Robert McLeod: Travelling with the Happy Worm

Erin Griffey A Paradoxical Art: Portraiture at te tuhi the mark

Richard Wolfe Kaimanawa: Wild Horses on Other Peoples' Property

Damian Skinner An Audience for Modernism: Bruce Henry at Wellington's Architectural Centre in 1957

Sarah Hillary Perfect Blue: A Portrait of Betty Curnow

Leonard Bell Reading 'Evans': Cartoons, The Star of David & The New Zealand Herald