Issue 99 Winter 2001


Jon Bywater, Auckland; Aaron Lister, Wellington; Margaret Duncan, Christchurch; Bridie Lonie, Dunedin

David Eggleton John Pule and the Psychic Territory of Polynesia

Richard Lummis Big Time: Major Works by Scott Eady

Leonard Bell Narratives of Hope and Loss: The Photographs of Marti Friedlander

Anthony Byrt Gone West: Jean Beaudrillard in Auckland

Gerald Barnett Recording Ourselves: Looking Back: NewZealand Photography 1950-2000

Elizabeth Rankin A Word in Your Eye: Text and Images in Barry Cleavin's Inkjet Prints

Robin Woodward Art Outdoors: Three New Zealand Sculpture Parks

Robin Neate At Arm's Length: The Paintings & Drawings of Martin Whitworth

Norman Bilborough From Diary to Easel: Bob Kerr's Field Evidence

Noel Waite Face to Face with Rita Angus

Roger Collins The Summer of 1910: Hodgkins, Merton & Concarneau