Issue 90 Autumn 1999


Bricks in Aspic: Adrian Hall talks to Wystan Curnow & Robert Leonard

Caroline Vercoe A Pacific Presence: Tautai at the Sixth Australian Art Fair

Deirdre Brown Initiative and Initiation: Memory Walking at the City Gallery

Hugh Maguire All Things Bright and Beautiful: Nigel Brown and Glassworks at Auckland's Holy Trinity Cathedral

Stephen Zanoski Tracey Island: New Works by Tracey Collins

James Norcliffe Rudolf Boelee: Visions of Utopia

Riemke Ensing Punctuating the Mind: Annette Isbey in Her Studio

Emily Simpson Mute Poetry: The Art of Anna Hollings

Warwick Brown Allen Gyde: A Constructivist Sculptor Returns Home

Mark Derby The Midden of Memory: A Conversation with Grant Corbishley

Karen Stevenson Pacific Art: Moving Beyond the Stereotype

William McAloon Stirring the Pot: Recent Paintings by Shane Cotton

Damian Skinner A Dedicated Follower of Fashion: Mason Handprints at the Hawke's Bay Museum

Luke Morgan Auckland's Victorian Fountain


Brian Stewart Queenin 1965 - 1999 Letters