Issue 84 Spring 1997


Brett Levine, Auckland; Louise Garrett, Wellington; Dorothée Pauli, Christchurch; Rob Garrett, Dunedin

Ian Wedde The Jacobin Spirit: Rob Taylor (1945-1997)

Elizabeth Eastmond Still Room for Breaking Rules: Installations by Monique Redmond and Gail Haffern

Joanna Margaret Paul Variety: The Arts of Rhondda Greig

John Dickson Eion Stevens

Cassandra Fusco From Edge to Inroads: Alan Pearson in Australia

Allan Smith The Pragmatic Romanticism of Bill Culbert

Hugh Maguire Welcome to My World: Robin Morrison, Photographer

Danielle Tolson Saskia Leek

Miriam Harris Ordinary Things: The Not So Ordinary Art of Marie Shannon

Leo King Temples & Icons: Some Works by Bronwynne Cornish

Robyn Johnstone Faking Authenticity: The Other C.F. Goldie

Leonard Bell A Star is Reborn: Goldie the Exhibition