Issue 75 Winter 1995


Paul Judge  Feeling Foxed: Art for the Environment in Waitakere City

Talking photographs: John McDermott & Ron Brownson

Christina Barton  Uncanny Spaces: Recent Paintings by Caroline Williams

Jonathan Mane-Wheoki  Robyn Kahukiwa: My Ancestors Are With Me Always

Jonathan Bywater  Elvis and Other Evils: The Art of Tony de Lautour

Elizabeth Smither  Mary Donald: Biodegradable Garden Weaving

Elizabeth Grierson  Helen Pollock: Ceramic Sculptor

Anna Sanderson  Maureen Lander: The Drawing in of Breath

Claire J. Regnault  Deforming Attitudes: The Art of Grant Takle

Tim Renner  Plug-in Ecstasy: Recent Work by James Charlton

Ruth Watson  Evidence: Ways of Looking at the Art of Jude Rae

Oliver Stead Grunge Art in Dud: Tim Barlow I Donna Demente& Martin Sullivan

Deborah Cain  The Last Picture Show at the Centre for Contemporary Art

Tony Mackle  George Woods (1898-1963)

Linda Gill  E.H. McCormick (1906-1995): A Personal Memoir