Issue 70 Autumn 1994


Richard Dale New Zealand Sounds in Japan: Soundculture '93

John Hurrell You say 'Public', I say 'Private'; You say 'Unity', I say 'Enmity': A Look at Public Practices

William McAloon Kia Ora Tolls Here: Elam Sculpture in the Telephone Exchange

Jane Sayle Theoretically Speaking: Alter/Image in Suffrage Year

Douglas Lloyd-Jenkins A Meeting-Point: The Fisher Gallery's Dinner Service Show

Greg O'Brien Booked and Bound to It: Opening up the Book at the Manawatu Art Gallery

Robyn Ussher Alison Ryde

Jane Sayle First Light: The Paintings of Gerda Leenards

Tim Walker Everything is Connected: The Art of Michel Tuffery

Ian Fraser Venus Considered: Recent Paintings by Anne Munz

Barbara Blake Giovanni Intra: Germ-Free Adolescence

Jane Griffin Torsos and Gateways: The Sculpture of Jan Whitev

Alan Rogers-Smith The Fire: Patrick Hanly in England

Stephen Zepke Necessary Completion: New Work by Gail Haffern

Penelope Jackson Ivy M. Copeland (1888-1961)

Kirsten Fergusson Grace Joel (1865-1924): A Reassessment

Susan Brooker Art and Communication: Lincoln University Collectionv

Francis Pound Scholarship Celebrated: A Tribute to E.H. McCormick

Paul Rayner Summer & Beyond: The Wanganui Polytechnic Summer School