Issue 64 Spring 1992


John Daly Peoples, Auckland; Jane Sayle, Wellington; Pat Unger, Christchurch;  Louise Wilton, Dunedin

Priscilla Pitts  ARX-3: New Zealanders in Perth

David Eggleton  The Bones beneath the Skin: The Sculpture of Gregory Downie

Michael Dunn  Headlands: Refiguring New Zealand Art

Joanna Mendelssohn  Headlands: The Sydney View

Ewen McDonald  Headlands: Pacifically Speaking

Gloria Zelenka  Headlands: Utopia-A Discreet Investigation

Gerald Barnett  On Painting: A Conversation with Tosswill Woollaston

Anne Kirker  Gretchen Albrecht: A Study in Abstraction

Stephen Easton  Pages from a Diary: Recent Paintings by John Tarlton

Alistair Galbraith  Patricia France

Julianne Sumich  A Chance Encounter: Colin McCahon & Anselm Kiefer in Sydney

Allan Smith  Romanticist and Symbolist Tendencies in Recent New Zealand Photography

Jane Griffin  Southern Presence: Meetings with Five Pacific Artists

Avenal McKinnon  Four Paintings by Cedric Savage in the Brierley Collection

Douglas Lloyd-Jenkins  Grant Campbell Chester: The Furniture of the New Outlook