Issue 61 Summer 1991-92


John Daly Peoples, Auckland; Sara L. Knox, Wellington; Pat Unger, Christchurch; Louise Wilton, Dunedin

Lawrence McDonald Art & Heritage: Inheritance at the Wellington City Art Gallery

Jane Griffin Gilding the Lily: Glass Art by Peter Raos

Jonathan Mane-Wheoki Simon Ogden: The Choreography of Abstraction

Giovanni Intra A Distinction of Blurrings: Ten Years of Flying Nun Art

Elizabeth Smither Paintings & Places: Signatures of Place at the Govett-Brewster

John Freeman-Moir Marvels and Monstrosities: The Fabulous Races of Bing Dawe

Stuart McKenzie & Robert Leonard Something from Nothingness Comes: Recent Photographs by Marie Shannon

Barbara Blake Three Empty Paintings by Jutta Chisholm

Jill Trevelyan T. A. McCormack: The Late Work

Francis Pound Louise Henderson: The Cubist Years 1946-58

Richard Wolfe Souvenirs of Maoriland: The Art of the Early Tourist Trade

Mark Stocker Francis John Williamson (1833-1920): The New Zealand Sculptures