Issue 58 April/May 1977


Gary Wilby   Sexuality, Nature and Spirituality: The Photography of Kevin Capon

John Daly Peoples   Art and Nature: Recent Work by Martin Ball

Allan Smith   Stephen Bambury: New Paintings from Europe

Apirana Taylor Kohia ko Taikaka Anake at the National Art Gallery

Rod Burke  Kohia ko Taikaka Anake at the National Art Gallery

Blair French   Wayne Seyb

Cassandra M. Fusco   One Pacific Viewpoint: The Work of Michael Reed

Peter Ireland  The Art of Patronage: Reflections on the United/Sarjeant Photographic Award

Vickie Hearnshaw   James McLauchlan Nairn: The Glasgow Years

Anne-Marie Davison   G. P. Nerli and Frances Hodgkins: The Dunedin Years

David Eggleton   David Mann: Photography as Engagement

Elizabeth Grierson   Changing with the Times: The Auckland Society of Arts

Ian Wedde   Leon van den Eijkel: The Pathology of Space