Issue 50 Autumn 1988


Ross Fraser The First Years of Art New Zealand

Tom Hutchins The Flamingo and the Bomb: A Performance by Darcy and Miriam Lange

Francis Pound Who is Uncle Frank: A Commentary on a McCahon Catalogue

Leonard Bell The Encyclopaedic Vision: Exhibits at Artspace

Anne Kirker The Sculptor as Beachcomber: An Appraisal of Rosalie Gascoigne's Assemblages

Ross Fraser Laurence Betham: An Independent Painter

Kevin Ireland Women by Hanly

Rangihiroa Panoho A Decade in the Dome: Ten Years of Installations at the Sarjeant Gallery

Brenda Tennent Edward Bullmore 1933-1978

John Chadwick Edward Bullmore at the Bath-House: Vicarious Vignettes of a Lifetime and an Evening

Pam Walker A Conscious and Insistent Economy: Helen Mary Stewart 1900-1983

Judith Hamilton Olivia Spencer Bower: The Spinners Series

Elizabeth Grierson Alan Gilderdale

Lita Barrie Laurence Aberhart: Signs of Mortality

Linda Gill The Auckland Association of Women Artists

P.M. Cowley A New Auckland Gallery