Issue 176 Summer 2020-21


Warwick Brown; Michael Dunn; Don Abbott; Kirsty Baker; Malcolm Burgess; Jasmine Gallagher; Edward Hanfling

Christina Barton Peter Roche (1957–2020)

David Eggleton The Psychogeographer’s Dream: Recent Work by Ayesha Green

Michael Dunn The Fire of Change: The Landscape Paintings of Garry Currin

Edward Hanfling Prodigal Painter Returns: Pete Wheeler in New Zealand

Emma Bugden Wrong to be Right: The Brutalist Verve of Andrea du Chatenier

Grant Banbury Passers-by: Woodblocks by Bryan James

Don Abbott Making Clay Work: Becky Richards Prepares for the Auckland Art Fair

Mary Macpherson Between the Novel and the Film: Photobooks in Aotearoa New Zealand

Don Abbott Reading Matters: Library Photographs by Mickey Smith

Richard Wolfe Transition or Transgression? Cross-cultural Interaction in Aotearoa New Zealand