Issue 168 Summer 2018-19


Beth Goldner; Bronwyn Lloyd; Warwick Brown; Don Abbott; Malcolm Burgess; Jamie Hanton; Alice Tyler; Edward Hanfling; Peter Shand

Edward Hanfling Decoy Subjects: A Conversation with Saskia Leek

Victoria Wynne-Jones Body/building: The 2018 Walters Prize

Lana Lopesi Oceania at the Academy: Tributes, Mourning & the Legacy of Cook

Stella Ramage Themes & Generations: Commemorating Suffrage 125 Across the Capital

Zara Stanhope Home Truths: The Politics of Debility in Recent Projects by Shannon Novak

Lucinda Bennett The Observer Effect: On Karyn Taylor

Julia Waite The Close of an Age: Allan McDonald’s Carbon Empire

Peter Simpson Bring it On Home: Tony de Lautour at Christchurch Art Gallery

Andrew Clark Tracks, Belts & Blades: The Waterview Tunnel Project

Richard Wolfe A Nasty Little Storm: Archibald Fisher & the Auckland Art Gallery

Lucy Hammonds & Elizabeth Cameron Purdie A Sublime Confidence: Rosemary Grice (1926–1948)

Laura Campbell ‘Lost’ Thoughts: J.M. Nairn & Decorative Art