Issue 166 Winter 2018


Exhibitions Lucinda Bennett; Becky Hemus; Don Abbott; Stella Ramage; Holly Best; David Eggleton; Edward Hanfling

Priscilla Pitts Refashioned: Toi Art at Te Papa

Peter Shand The Desmology of Encounter: Luke Willis Thompson at the Adam Art Gallery

Ann Poulsen Elliot Collins Surveyor: The Land of Our Longing, the Land of Our Belonging

Bronwyn Lloyd Christine Thacker: The One Big Thing

Michael Wilson Brendan McGorry and the Belle Époque

Jon Bywater Evangelism & Clay: The 21st Biennale of Sydney

Holly BestPhotographing Nature: The Slippery Topographics of Conor Clarke

Jaimee Stockman-Young Honour & History: This Joyous, Chaotic Place

Kirsty Baker Disrupting the Male Gaze: Navigating Female Representation

John B. Turner Reciprocity: The Early Portrait Photographs of Kevin Capon

Petrena Fishburn An Injection of Europe: The Short Life of Gallery 91