Issue 165 Autumn 2018


Ioana Gordon-Smith; Don Abbott; Malcolm Burgess; Jamie Hanton

Priscilla Pitts Dame Cheryll Sotheran (1945–2017)

Leonard Bell Francis Pound (1948–2017)

Vincent O’Sullivan Cutting Art: Barry Cleavin and Dissent

Ane Tonga Sissy That Walk: A Short Herstory of the Pacific Sisters

Grant Banbury Jacqueline Fahey: Back in Christchurch

Emil McAvoy The Canvas is No Longer Blank: Selina Foote’s Take On Painting

Don Abbott Old Light, New Land: The Colour Fields of Richard Adams

Bridie Lonie Taut Focus: The New Vision of Gordon Walters

Sonja van Kerkhoff Space Out West: Two Shows at Te Uru

Tim Corballis On Being Young: The Tomorrow People at the Adam

Cathy Tuato’o Ross Portrait of Place: Clare Slako’s Ruakaka

Richard Wolfe The Weight of Objects: The Teaching Methods of Colin McCahon