Issue 163 Spring 2017


Edward Hanfling; Malcolm Burgess; Grant Banbury; Holly Best; David Eggleton

Allan Smith Paul Cullen (1949–2017)

Peter Ireland Self and the World: A Conversation with Megan Jenkinson

Stella Ramage Shooting the Waves: A Celebration of Mana Wahine

Jon Bywater Emissaries: Lisa Reihana & NZ at Venice

Kyla Mackenzie Des Helmore: Extreme Precision

Emma Bugden Transition: The Recent Work of Emma Camden

Matt Blomeley Where the Suburbs Meet Utopia: The Art of Ruth Cleland

Grant Banbury Paint and Projection: The Portraits of Julia Holden

Sian van Dyk Useful Limits: The Object-making of Warwick Freeman

Peter Simpson Pushing Back the Boundaries: The Relief Constructions of Don Peebles

Victoria Wynne-Jones Provisional Arrangements: Ruth Watson’s Geophagy

Christina Barton Projecting Tomorrow: Tash Hopkins at Western Springs

Peter Wells Leo Bensemann & Friends: Portraiture of The Group

Ian Cooke Fostering Goodwill: Clement Greenberg’s Visit to New Zealand