Issue 155 Spring 2015


Edward Hanfling; Malcolm Burgess; Priscilla Pitts Sophie Davis; David Eggleton

Richard Wolfe Invention and Memory: A Conversation with Stanley Palmer

Peter Simpson Brain on Fire: Richard McWhannell’s Springs and Falls

Don Abbott Ensnared by Len: A New Art Hub in New Plymouth

David Eggleton Illuminations: Cilla McQueen & Joanna Paul at the Hocken

Jon Bywater Secret Power: Simon Denny and NZ at Venice

Peter Shand A Question of Place: Michael Parekowhai at Brisbane's GoMA

Peter Ireland Showing Surgically: Interiors Photographed by John Fields

Garth Cartwright Nature as Metaphor: Catching Up with Jim Wheeler

Amy Stewart Frame of Mind: The Freedom of the Cage in the Work of Louise Purvis

Joanne Drayton Condoms & Controversy: Upset at Ecclesiastical Billboards

Bridget Riggir-Cuddy In Warm Blood

Jill Trevelyan Telling Tales: Maureen Lander, Jo Torr & Christine Hellyar at the Turnbull

Talia Smith This Road is a Poem: Anton Maurer's Landscapes