Issue 152 Summer 2014-15


Edward Hanfling; Don Abbott; Alice Tappenden; Malcolm Burgess; Sophie Davis; David Eggleton

Mark Stocker A Cultural Journey: Jonathan Mane Wheoki in Conversation

Peter Shand Not Actually at Home: The Walters Prize 2014

Barbara Garrie The Magic of Edwards + Johann

Don Abbott Bush Fantasy: Paintings by Mark Wooller

Edward Hanfling But How Does It Mean?: Aesthetic Experience in the Work of Three Conceptualists

David Eggleton Vigilance Lofted High: The History Paintings Of Jenna Packer

Warwick Brown Down to Earth: The Flood Mud & Mineral Paintings of Gary Freemantle

Julie Ewington Flux: Wunderrƫma on the Move

Robin Woodward Curves of Steel: The Sculpture of David McCracken

Victoria Wynne-Jones Uncomfortable/Comfortable: The bridge gathers by Helen Clegg

Richard Wolfe Giants of Science: Three Statues with New Zealand Connections

Pamela Gerrish Nunn Between New Zealand & Newlyn: New Zealand Painters & Cornwall