Issue 143 Spring 2012


Edward Hanfling; Hamish Clayton; David Eggleton

Jonathan Mane-Wheoki Arnold Manaaki Wilson (1928-2012)

Jane Zusters Jan Nigro (1920-2012)

Ruth Harvey Immersion: A Conversation with Elizabeth Thomson

Jon Bywater Strained Relations: The 2012 Sydney Biennale

Daniel M. Satele Who’s Home? Home AKL at Auckland Art Gallery

David Lyndon Brown A Common Thread: Zac Langdon-Pole at Michael Lett Gallery

Edward Hanfling More or Less? Assume Nothing at Gus Fisher Gallery

Richard Wolfe Bringing It All Back Home: Nigel Brown’s Quest for Identity

Matt Plummer Peripheral Relations: Duchamp Looks Our Way

David Eggleton An Architecture of Apprehension: A Photographic Portfolio by Max Bellamy

Gregory O’Brien A Floating Island, A Levitating House: The Les & Milly Paris Collection

Michael Dunn The Solitude of Self: The Expatriate Years of Frances Hodgkins