Issue 125 Summer 2007-08


Exhibitions Edward Hanfling Auckland; Abby Cunnane Wellington; Harold Grieves Christchurch; Kathryn Mitchell Dunedin

William Dart Building on a Tradition: Auckland's Holloway Press

Ngahiraka Mason Reflection & Reconciliation: Pakeha Now! at Nelson

John Hurrell Tumbling Whorls of Hazy Chroma: The Recent Neon Reliefs of Paul Hartigan

Alan Wright Plane issues: Geoff Thornley's Constructions 1978-82

Richard Wolfe At the Altar of History: William Dunning's Visions of Colonial New Zealand

Gail Ross Art & Industry: Frederick Halford Coventry (1905-1997)

Damian Skinner Edgar Mansfield: New Zealand's Extraordinary Artist-Craftsman

Peter Ireland Shaking to Pieces: The Photographs of Richard Barraud