ISSUE 55 / WINTER 1990


Darien Mansfield, Auckland;  Rod Burke, Wellington
Pat Unger, Christchurch;  Peter Leech, Dunedin

Don Peebles  Doris Lusk (1916-1990) 

William Dart  Rodney Kirk-Smith: 25 Years with Art 

Pat Unger  The 1990 Goodman Suter Biennal 

Bronwynne Cornish  Mounds of the Mother 

Kevin Ireland  Recent Work by Terry Stringer

Leonard Bell  Ross Ritchie

Leonie Richardson  Second Site: Peter Waddell's Arizona Paintings

John Daly-Peoples  Limeworks Studio 

Paul Rayner  Out of the Woods: An Exhibition & Symposium at the Sarjeant Gallery 

Francis Pound  Landscape as Art: Two Hundred Years of New Zealand Images 

Richard Wolfe  From Kiwi to Kotuku: Symbols of New Zealand