ISSUE 47 / WINTER 1998


Priscilla Pitts, Auckland;  Geri Thomas, Wellington
Jonathon Smart, Christchurch;  Peter Leech, Dunedin

Patrick Hayman (1915-1988) 

Andre Brooke (1909-1988) 

Alastair Galbraith  Lloyd Godman's Photography: Towards an Hyperbole of Form 

Anne Kirker  Nicola Jackson: A New Image Painter of Now 

Penny Orme  The Second Goodman Suter Biennale

Jonathan Smart  Mary Kay

John Hurrell  The Vacillating Personas of Margaret Dawson 

Hal Smith  Peter Cleverley

Michael Dunn  The Art of Grahame Sydney

Peter Leech  The Feeling of Life: Philip Trusttum's Recent Horseplay 

Ted Bracey  RiduanTomkins

Bridie Lonie  Anna Caselberg's Otago Harbour Paintings

Penny Orme  G. T. Moffitt

Tom Weston  Gary Collins: A Wide Sky and the Stage

Jonathan Mane  Don Peebles in London

Lucy Alcock  As Chance Would Have It: The Photographs of George Chance (1885-1963) 

Julie King  In Pursuit of Sublime Landscape: Round the Sounds in the Hawea 

R.D.J. Collins  Another Eden, Another Demi-Paradise: Charles Meryon in the Pacific 

Peter Entwisle  The Battle for Old Dunedin

Graeme Chalmers  Whatever Happened to David Blair?