ISSUE 46 / AUTUMN 1988


Michael Dunn  E.H. McCormick 

E.H. McCormick  An Approach to Modern Art 

Geri Thomas  Lights on The Terrace 

Gregory O'Brien Traditionally Speaking Screens 

Robert Leonard  When Art Hits The Headlines 

Geri Thomas  Wellington Now

Susan Foster  Robert McLeod: An Interview

Tony Green  Terrence Handscomb Surfaces 

John Roberts  An Institutional Collection: Victoria University of Wellington

Tony Bellette  The Art of Janet Paul 

Elizabeth Grierson  Louise Henderson

Athol McCredie  Peter Black: 2 Brooklyn Terrace

Janet Paul  Margot Philips

Patrick Reynolds  Beyond the Back-cloth: Boyd Webb at the Whitechapel 

Elizabeth Smither  Clay Bodvin

Riemke Ensing  The Portraits of Frank Hofmann

Lita Barrie  Beyond Aesthetics: Readings in Cultural Intervention