Priscilla Pitts, Auckland; Susan Foster, Wellington
Jonathon Smart, Christchurch; Peter Leech, Dunedin

Ross Fraser Colin McCahon 1919-1987

John Holmwood

Robert Nettleton Field

Francis Pound The Stumps of Beauty & the Shriek of Progress

Tony Green Max Gimblett: Making Pearls

Bronwyn Taylor Alistair Nisbet-Smith: A Conversation

Lita Barrie Andrew Drummond: Towards an Allegorical Use of the Body

Ian Wedde Getting a Fit: Sculpture at the Wellington City Gallery

Gerald Barnett M. T. Woollaston: The Later Works

Leonard Bell Nicholas Chevalier: The Fortunes and Functions of his Paintings

Lindsey Shaw New Zealand Artists in Britain

Margaret A. McLaren Sylvia Siddell: Lost in the Fun-House

William Main Photography and the Law

Ian J. Lochhead The Architectural Art of Samuel Hurst Seager