ISSUE 43 / WINTER 1987


Priscilla Pitts, Auckland;  Susan Foster, Wellington
Jonathon Smart, Christchurch;  Peter Leech, Dunedin

Mary Patterson  The 1986 Transfield Project  

Tom Weston  Grant Banbury: a Space Between Dimensions

Peter Siddell talks to Art New Zealand 

Gwen Stacey  The Paintings of Julian Dashper

Lita Barrie  Jacqueline Fraser and Feminine Difference

Tony Green   John Bailey's Thinking Art

Hal Smith  Eion Stevens

Jane Vial  The Portraits of Harry Linley Richardson

Rhondda Bosworth  Richard McWhannel1 Explains Himself

Five Photographers: 

  Bridie Lonie  Di Ffrench

  Markman Ellis  Peter Hannken

  Anne Kirker  Gillian Chaplin

  William Main  Roland James Searle

  John Lester  William Ferrier