ISSUE 42 / AUTUMN 1987


Peter Bland  Outsider Art and the Paintings of Christina Conrad

Miles Hargest  Michael Armstrong: The Psychological Moment

Tony Green  Contexts for Contemporary Art

Michael Dunn  Content/Context: A Survey of Recent New Zealand Art

Anne Kirker  Metamorphosis in Philippa Blair's Recent Painting

IanWedde  Furnishing a Style: The 'Very Rich Hours' of Gavin Chilcott

Elizabeth Eastmond  Jacqueline Fahey: Artist and Self-image

Derek Schulz  Edith Collier in Europe

Basil Honour  My Life in Art 

Garth Cartwright  Llew Summers

Warwick Brown  Multum in Parvo: The Sculptures of Daniel B. Clasby

C. Barton  Peter Roche & Linda Buis: Recent Drawings& Sculpture

Peter Ireland  Guises of Eros: The Drawings of David Cheer