ISSUE 41 / SUMMER 1986-87


Priscilla Pitts, Auckland;  Susan Foster, Wellington
Jonathon Smart, Christchurch;  Peter Leech, Dunedin

John Daly-Peoples  Artex '86

Derek Schulz  Matt Pine, by 

Tony Green  Greer Twiss & Illusion

Leonard Bell  James Ross: New Sculpture

Louise Guerin  Bronurynne Cornish

Gordon H. Brown  Aspects of Recent New Zealand Sculpture

Priscilla Pitts  The Govett-Brewster Art Gallery Sculpture Project

D.H. Binney  In or Upon: Iron Part One

Priscilla Pitts  A Practical Wardrobe: Notes on Christine Heliyar's Aprons 

Elizabeth Smither  Hilary Owens

Garth Cartwright  Jim Wheeler

Peter Leech  The Soft and the Hard: A Case Study in Sculptural Values

Anne Kirker  Peter Tomory's New Zealand Years

Sheenagh Gleeson  The New Waikato Art Museum

C. Barton  Some Responses to the Sixth Biennale of Sydney

G. Stacey  Rotorua: A Conjunction