ISSUE 181 / AUTUMN 2022


Robert Ellis (1929–2021)

Michael Dunn; Millie Dow; Edward Hanfling; Don Abbott; Mark Baskett; Pennie Hunt

Amy Stewart Sight Specificity: Painting Vivid Memory in Stars start falling

Bridget Reweti Pukahu: The Abundance of Paemanu at DPAG

Kirsty Baker Reading the Body: Autonomous Bodies at NZ Portrait Gallery

Mark Stocker This is New Zealand: The Kelliher Collection Tours the Mainland

Priscilla Pitts Revisiting Rita: Two Wellington Shows & A Catalogue

Kyla Mackenzie Public Art in the Kaipara: Fred Graham’s Saw Sculpture

Ngahuia Harrison Nā Tō Hoa Aroha: Natalie Robertson’s Love Letter to Waiapu

Eve de Castro-Robinson The Mask, Photographed: Storm Robbins: Genres of Beauty

Grant Banbury Against the Tide: Trevor Moffitt’s The Big Fishermen Series

Richard Wolfe Bringing Bloomsbury to New Zealand: The 1934 Loan Collection of Contemporary British Art and Beyond