Michael Dunn; Victoria Wynne-Jones; Stella Brennan; Kirsty Baker; Jasmine Gallagher; Pennie Hunt; Edward Hanfling

Edward Hanfling Semi Formica Baroque: An Interview with Denys Watkins

Steve Austin Elemental & Accessible: Ceramics by Christine Boswijk

Edward Hanfling The Wetness of Rain: The 10th Walters Prize

Michael Dunn Unseen, Yet Present: Aspects of Alan Ibell’s Paintings

Reuben Woods Dedication: TMD: An Aotearoa Graffiti Story at The Dowse

Priscilla Pitts Adventures in Wonderland: Miharo Wonder: 100 Years of the Alexander Turnbull Library

Hatesa Seumanutafa Ngatu Led Me North: Reflections on ‘Amui ‘i Mu‘a―Ancient Futures

Richard Wolfe The Man Who Passes By: Itinerant Artist Christopher Aubrey in Taranaki

Don Abbott Blink and You’ll See It: Songs of the Earth at Pihama

Alyson Hunter Brian Rainger’s 1960s Piha Parties: As Caught by Arne Loot

Grant Banbury A Filtered Modernism: Paul Olds, Painter & Teacher