Kyla Mackenzie; Jasmine Gallagher; Edward Hanfling; Hope Wilson

Edward Hanfling The Body in the Work: Séraphine Pick & Painting

David Eggleton Imogen Taylor’s Fragments: Treading a Dance Measure to the Strummed Lyre of Sappho

Edward Hanfling Tubular Welds: The Path of Yona Lee

Lance Pearce A Space In Between: Zac Langdon-Pole’s Interbeing

Emma Fenton Sympathy, but not Sad: On Paintings by Milli Jannides

Grant Banbury Light As: Melissa Macleod at Ashburton

Melanie Oliver Power & Politics: Ruth Buchanan at Govett-Brewster Art Gallery

Alys Longley Folds of Time, Blooms of Vibrancy: Queer Pavilion in the Park

Lana Lopesi Divine Timing: Gary Silipa’s Kenese at Mangere Arts Centre

Victoria Wynne-Jones Cultivating Community: NIRIN 22nd Biennale of Sydney

Nina Seja Hope & A Living Wage: Ehsan Hazaveh’s My Life To Live

Peter Simpson Bach, Bing & ‘Horse Opera’: The Origins of Colin McCahon’s Triple Takaka

Richard Wolfe Beauty in Unlikely Places: The Art of John & Charles Tole