ISSUE 164 SUMMER 2017-18


Rangihiroa Panoho Clifford Hamilton Whiting (1936–2017)

Gregory O’Brien Michael Nicholson (1916–2017)

Edward Hanfling; Tim Corballis; Holly Best; David Eggleton

Lucy Hammonds Blooming New: The Rebirth of Reuben Paterson

David Eggleton Dream House: Marie Shannon’s Domestic Interiors

Sam Melser Poetic Anachronisms: The Art of Roger Mortimer

Jill Trevelyan Not Nostalgia: The Art of Joanna Margaret Paul

Sonja van Kerkhoff Lines & Liminality: All Lines Converge at the Govett-Brewster

Rachel O’Neill A Pathway to the Guts: Mata Aho Collective at documenta14

Cassandra Fusco Things the Mind Already Knows: The Work of Maurice Lye

Richard Wolfe Return to Order: The Classicism of John F. Kavanagh

Edward Hanfling More than Fifty Shades of Grey: The Landscape Paintings of Helen Brown

Claire Bell At the Angels’ Table: The Legacy of John Hutton