ISSUE 151 / SPRING 2014


Edward Hanfling; Malcolm Burgess; Sophie Davis; Barbara Garrie; David Eggleton

Glenn Jowitt (1955-2014)

Sheridan Keith The Pacific Effect: Sheridan Keith Talks to Glenn Jowitt

Richard Wolfe Visions of the Inferno: Robyn Hughes Revisits Cassino

Don Abbott Word on the Street: Anah Dunsheath’s Hot Lines

Edward Hanfling Seriously Entertaining: Gregor Kregar’s Sculptures

David Lyndon Brown Coil and Pinch: Reviewing Rick Rudd

Alex Mitcalfe Wilson Place, Memory, Language: Text and Elliot Collins

Laurence Fearnley Blemish: New Work by Victoria McIntosh

Stella Ramage Tonga Unmoored: Pataka’s Tonga Contemporary

Caroline Vercoe The Sentiment of Nifo Koula: ‘So People Will Know Where We Are From’

Briar Holt Art & Public Space in Dunedin: The Murals of John Noakes

Grant Banbury Laced in Satire & Whimsy: The Paintings of Ian Hutson