Edward Hanfling; Malcolm Burgess; Sophie Davis; David Eggleton

Elizabeth Eastmond Alexis Hunter (1948-2014)

Edward Hanfling Creating a Language: A Conversation with Peter Robinson

Ngahuia Te Awekotuku Traditions Endure: Five Maori Painters at Auckland Art Gallery

David Eggleton The Bio-Engineering Unit: Burster, Flipper at Christchurch’s Artbox

Cathy Tuato’o Ross Circling Myths: The Art of Liyen Chong

Matt Plummer Weighing Time: The Waiting Room in Wellington

Nina Seja Refuge & Ritual Trust: Christine Webster’s Therapies

Mark Williams Play On: Towards an Interface of the Visual and Sonic

Gregory O’Brien Body, Mind, Somehow: The Text Art of Catherine Griffiths

Anthony Byrt Fool’s Gold: The Recent Films of Steve Carr

Bronwyn Lloyd Beyond the Narrow Door: Inside the Mysterious World of Bronwynne Cornish

Riemke Ensing Frances Hodgkins in Kapiti: The Field Collection at Mahara Gallery

Kriselle Baker Co-Orbital: New Photographs by Becky Nunes

Don Abbott Class & Portraiture: Two Auckland Studio Photographers

Richard Wolfe Antipodean Bohemian: Reacting to Impressionism in New Zealand