ISSUE 122 / AUTUMN 2007


Roger Horrocks John Reynolds: Painting, Planting and Performance

Peter Wells The Inimitable Mr Cohn: Denis Cohn 1933-2006

Allan Smith Thomas Newman Pound: The Rush of Slowness

Rebecca Rice Collecting Histories: The Legacy of the Collector in the Turnbull Library

Peter Ireland Ava's Amazing Adventure: Ava Seymour's The White House Years

Kathryn Mitchell Nic Moon: The Artist Seeks Sanctuary

John Hurrell Sea through Wall: The Art of Esther Leigh

David Eggleton Up from the Swamp: The Creation Myths of Rohan Wealleans

Peter Simpson Snapper(-up) of Unconsidered Trifles: Peter Peryer's Summertime in Wanganui